The best money counter calculator

Traditional calculators are useful for many things, however they were not made to count money, but CashCulator does. Its free and available for Android and as web app for desktop.

Do not get confused while you count your money. With this cash calculator you only have to insert the amount of banknotes and coins, either by pressing the add or subtract button, or through the numeric keyboard to obtain the total.

Money is an important resource that needs to be taken care of. Knowing how much you have is important to take care of it and CashCulator helps you to count it easily, quickly and accurately. It also has the most friendly and elegant interface.

CashCulator has 32 currencies such as american and canadian dollar, euro, japanese yen, chinese yuan, indian rupee, mexican, colombian and argentinan peso, brazilian real and more currencies coming in the way.

32 currencies and counting
16 languages
Save your accounts
Calculator integrated
Customize background
Beautiful and easy to use